Wednesday, December 13, 2006

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Christmas Tree Ideas

Christmas Tree Ideas: "Christmas Tree Ideas

1. Decorate a tree, whether large or big, artificial or real, with a few bags of Christmas edition candy. Especially when first starting out on your own, trying to buy all your decorations at once is extremely expensive. This idea makes cleanup much easier, and you can snack off the tree along with your guests this Christmas! With wire ornament hangers, simply attach the candy wrappers around the tree. Put a string of lights around the tree, and the light will dance off the candy wrappers with a beautiful and stunning simplicity. Now you won't have to put away the ornaments when Christmas over!

2. Pick a certain color for your Christmas tree. For example, a beautiful theme is golden stars. Use golden ornaments, and gold tinsel to set off the light of the holidays. Or, a modern day theme is blue and silver. Trees are simply beautiful decorated with these colors!

3. Use a small white Christmas tree, and turn it into Frost, or an elf, Santa or a reindeer with a simple craft idea. Take felt and fabric cutouts for the eyes, nose, top hat, scarf, etc.

4. This is one of the most creative Christmas ideas that you can make use of on a very small budget. With a little bit of time and creativity, you will have a unique Christmas tree in any size you want!


· A dry tree branch-the size is up to you. Make sure it can fit through your house doors.
· White paint (either liquid or aerosol)
· Gold and silver paint (optional)
· Old newspapers
· Cotton wool
· Rocks, stones or pebbles to secure the tree
· a container to hold the tree upright (bucket or old paint tin)

What to do:

· Do this project outdoors and use old c"

25 Meaningful Ideas for Families

25 Meaningful Ideas for Families: "25 Meaningful Ideas for Families

1. Go for a family nature walk near your home to collect seasonal items that you can use in your holiday decor. If you live near a forest, the obvious choices are pine boughs and pinecones, but long dried grasses can look just as festive tied with a holiday bow.

2. Make a few handmade holiday cards this year as a family.

3. Make appreciation cards. Replace the annual Christmas letter in your holiday cards with a brief letter of appreciation for the recipient.

4. Create or purchase new ornaments each year for the tree. Create or shop for an ornament that reflects a defining event or sentiment for the year.

5. Enjoy a Family Night with special holiday crafts or games.

6. Start a Christmas-themed puzzle somewhere in your home. A puzzle table, placed in a quiet room is great for holiday visitors. Whenever your guests want to get away from the action, they can retreat to work on the puzzle. This can be a great stress reliever, and it’s wonderful for those guests who always have to be busy doing something.

7. Play special music. What is everyone’s favorite holiday CD? Allow each family member to choose and keep them in the CD changer so everyone’s musical taste is represented.

8. Take a photo of your children standing in a particular spot each year -- in front of the tree, by the front door -- anyplace that will be consistent from year to year. Make a special holiday ornament or scrapbook album that depicts the growth and change of your family each year.

9. Research the holiday traditions of your nationality. Adopt a few of these traditions into your annual celebration each year to celebrate your heritage.

10. Ask each child to write a Dear Santa letter. (Small children can dr"